Monday, November 14, 2011

WOW... What a testimony!

Hello! My name is Tiffany Rice Spratt and I am a 33 year old retired Special Education teacher. I am also a Licensed Cosmetologist of 14 years. I am married to Jon (31) and have two beautiful children, Keegan (7) and Kayleigh (6). I was a special education teacher for 7 ½ years in the high school and elementary school settings. 
I was introduced to Zija in November of 2008. The Zija opportunity was very interesting to me, but I didn’t take advantage for 10 months. Unfortunately, a health issue came into my home and so did my intent on making my family healthy through the Zija products. In 21 short days I saw my husbands Cholesterol and Triglycerides drop by 42 points and 118 points respectively. A little over 2 years on Zija he has lost 50 pounds and his numbers have now dropped over 75 pts. and 200 points.
My son was on six allergy shots a week for a year. After being on one can of Zija a day he has been allergy shot free for over two years. Being able to give the priceless gift of proper nutrition to both of my children at such a young age is something as adults we weren’t as fortunate to receive.
Having battled weight my entire life (high of 306lbs.) the Zija products were a God send. I have lost a total of 35 lbs. with Zija; with my total weight loss being 155lbs. Though weight gain brought many struggles throughout life ; I am truly blessed with the struggles, because through those I have become the person I am today. Through these struggles and triumphs I have been able to see life from both sides. Zija has truly given me the “Life I was always intended to Lead”!

What a better way to use the gift God has blessed me with; Serve others Before Self through this opportunity daily. In doing so I earn a residual income, by doing what comes naturally....helping others!
Don’t be afraid of what others “thInk” of you...Be grateful when they “thAnk” you for helping make a positive impact in their health and financial future. Be a DIFFERENCE MAKER!!

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