Friday, September 2, 2011

New 22 Ounce Bottle For Zija Smart Mix

22 Ounce Bottle For Smart Mix
"Uncle Russ" has developed a better way to help absorb Zija SmartMix in your System.
If you have heard him speak during "Break The Bank",
You will know that he has now recommended that you mix 1 "packet" of Smartmix with 21 ounces of water. This is to be split into 3 servings - each 1/2 hour before a meal.
( Please make sure NOT to use bottled water that comes in thin plastic containers.)
This "Zija Green" Bottle holds 21 Ounce of water and enough room for 1 ounce of smart mix (+/-).
We have Only 35 left and we are offering these to our Team before anyone else...

Let Us know if you are interested...
They are Only $2.99 each
(plus shipping - if applicable)

Call Ron or Jennifer
If you are interested
OR E-Mail

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