Friday, September 30, 2011

ANOTHER Wonderful Testimony!

My name is Janet Davis, and I'm a wife and mom of three girls. My five yr old daughter was sick al-most continuously from Nov through March, doctor visits and increasingly stronger antibiotics did-n't seem to be helping. She had frequent headaches, strep, ear infections and mysterious vi-ruses. After becoming more and more concerned for her, I decided to finally listen to my close friend, Dori Peterson about trying Zija. I put myself and little Lucy on Zija at the end of March. Not only have I not had to take her back for any visits, but the eczema on her arms is completely gone. Within a few weeks, I also noticed that I slept better, woke with more energy, had more pro-longed energy throughout the days and have not had any more spells with insomnia. I'm grateful, but the story doesn't end there...
In early April, my 12 yr old daughter was found to have an enlarged thyroid. We began blood tests, and sure enough, signs of Hashimoto's Disease were be-coming present. Right after her first blood test, I started her on Zija. Her TSH numbers were spiking, and the endo-crinologist said it's time to start meds. I asked for a few more weeks, and thankfully, it was enough time for the Moringa in her system to take effect. Her TSH went from 23.9 (end of June) to 6.9 (mid July) to 3.29 (end of Au-gust). The doctor is VERY surprised and pleased, and says there is NO NEED for meds now. He even made copies of the Johns Hopkins report on Moringa Oleifera to look into. I KNOW that Zija has made all the difference in this-other than replacing standard table salt for sea salt (as per Uncle Russ's advice), Zija is the only thing different in her diet. There is no other explanation.
Not to be left out, my 10 yr old daughter no longer suffers from seasonal allergies after taking her Zija. I know with-out a doubt that Zija is giving us far better health than any-thing else could provide. As a distributor, the support and encouragement within this company is unrivaled and end-less. The people I've met and continue to meet are role models and passionate about sharing what Moringa can do for every single person we know. You have nothing if not your health, right?
How grateful I am for Dori Peterson, who cared enough about me and my family to open her mouth and share this precious gift! I look forward to continuing health within my family and meeting more role models as my team continues to flourish and grow! Thank you to Ken Brailsford for recognizing the importance of Moringa Oleifera and for seeing the vision of this wonderful company!!

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