Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I’m a proud wife of 10 years to Donovan Wadsworth, and our family of 7 was too "busy" to handle any other business opportunity as we have a contracting company and I was in graduate school full-time. My body has been overworked with five pregnancies in 8 years and the fluctuation of weight, over 250 pounds gained and lost, is every woman’s nightmare. My iron was so low that my hair was falling out by the handfuls. Sleepless nights and overflowing responsibilities during the day be-came my norm and there wasn’t enough "Stephanie" to take care and manage all that I needed to do. With the enormity of responsibilities and the lack of hope, depressive symptoms started lurking in and I was prescribed an anti-depressant. As the doctor was handing me the prescrip-tion with a 60 sample pack he said this disclaimer, "Now, don’t be worried if you get a bright red rash all over your body. That’s perfectly normal." Normal?!? This was my wake-up call! I took the medication home and it went straight to the trash.

I started taking the products in April and saw a huge elevation in my energy and was able to sleep more soundly. I was actually starting to run circles around the kids instead of vice versa! My hair is growing back and my iron levels are back to normal. The first two months of being on the product I was able to lose 5 dress sizes and 35 pounds!!! And I’m keeping it off. I no longer feel like a cloud of despair is looming over my home. I know that the Lord brought this to our family at the perfect time and am so thankful to Mike and Robin Dykes for showing Donovan that there is a product that can transform your health and now your finances.

With a little bit of sweat equity, and a low financial investment, Donovan and I have been able to find another shared purpose: impacting lives. The joy of surrounding ourselves with people who are positive and want to help others succeed is truly a Godsend! Zija has created a SYSTEM so that anyone can succeed! We weren’t anything special, simply full of determination to not give up! There’s always going to be something that will hinder opportunities like these. You just need to find the desire to exchange some temporary conveniences for long term gain! Because of the changes that we had made since April, we are creating a legacy that will out live us!

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