Friday, December 2, 2011

Evander Holyfield Joins Zija!

Nutrition is a passion for me!
Proper nutrition ensures my body performs both inside and outside the ring.
When the body gets what it needs, it has an amazing ability to improve and protect itself. The two products I use are Zija XM+ Energy Mix and Smart Mix. The XM+ Energy Mix helps me power through my workouts and provides 100% natural energy with no artificial or harmful stimulants. XM+ is packed full of vitamins, minerals, 19 Amino Acids (core protein building blocks) and much, much more.
For Post workout and recovery, I use Zija Smart Mix which contains power-packed nutrition and 36 anti-inflammatories — that means quicker recovery.
Join the fight for good health!
You may be like me and have a real heart for helping people improve their lives. One significant way we can help people is to introduce them to new habits and new ways for them to improve their health and the health of those they love and care about. God has created a wonderful plant called Moringa and Zija has created some amazing products from this plant. Come join us as Team Holyfield shares these Moringa-based products with people around the world helping to improve both their health and their wealth.

      More and More Athletes are Joining Zija... Should YOU?

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