Thursday, October 20, 2011

Next Generation Skin Care
 Your Daily Skin Care
Step 1: Cleanse skin with Creamy Face Cleanser (AM & PM)
How To: Splash face with warm water, apply a generous amount of cleanser to the fingertips and massage onto the face and neck area. Rinse thoroughly, follow with Rehydrating Mist.
Step 2: Prepare skin with Rehydrating Mist (AM & PM)
How To: Mist directly on your entire face and neck area or spritz onto a cotton pad gently pressing it into your skin. Use both morning and night or over makeup, any time you need a little inspiration.
Step 3: Protect skin with Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15 (AM)
How To: Apply 2–3 pearl-sized amounts, spreading with light even strokes across face, neck and other desired areas. May also be used in combination with your foundation for smooth application.
Step 4: Renew skin with Anti-Aging Night Repair (PM)
How To: Use on clean skin alone or applied after Rehydrating Mist. Apply a generous amount to face and neck each night.
Step 5: For extra skin needs, treat with all of the following:
Eye Serum (AM & PM)
How To: Gently roll over cleansed eye area with smoothing move­ments on the brow bone and below the eyes. This may be used both day and night or as a spot treatment.
Zija Oil (AM & PM)
How To: Apply topically to the skin. May be used for cuticles, dry or cracked skin, or minor cuts. Avoid eye contact.
Spa Masque (As needed)
How To: Use 1–2 times per week. Place a generous amount of product into the palm of your hand. Smooth a thin layer gently over the face and neck. Relax and allow the masque to work for 3–5 minutes or until product becomes dry to the touch. Thoroughly rinse with warm water, and follow with Rehydrating Mist.
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